Inspire Me 24/7 Business Card’s Design Procession


In this post, I will be giving you a walkthrough on the entire business card process that I did for myself. I thought I would need something to brand myself and to improve the success of my freelancing business when the client looks on my business card. Let’s look back at my process for creating the final concept of my business card, resulting in the finished printed product.


I had to create some drafts to see which one is the best concept:


After creating some drafts, I wasn’t happy with how it looked. The best way to improve the design is having some constructive criticism on my artworks.

Fastest and easiest way is to go on the forums and post my artwork – I have chosen five different forums to listen to designers’ criticisms about my work. (Click on the link to open my thread on its forum).


‘…I think you need to re think the fonts used. The overall design says suave the font and colour say “go go gadget 1980’s”.’

‘One other thing is your email address. Use your domain. Free-mail on a business card never looks good.’

‘You might find that the deaf symbol is of use…people who know will understand…people who don’t won’t notice it.’

And many more criticisms to improve my work…

Improvements from criticisms

  • After a lot of thinking, I have decided to add the hearing symbol, simply because I am profoundly Deaf and I am proud of it. The symbol represents my Deaf identity, to show who I am and it also helps people some idea why I take text messaging only
  • I created an email account from my domain and use it for my freelancing business
  • The font has changed to ‘Cambria’, it is clean and professional yet personal and attentive!
  • Grammars has been checked and corrected
  • I have limited the info, so it can be easy to read


Inspire Me 24/7’s front of business card:


Inspire Me 24/7’s back of business card:


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