World of V Marketplace

Build anything you want with the marketplace

The internet is evolving, with the revolution of Web 3.0, and that’s where the NFT marketplace comes in. The WoV marketplace is where collectors can purchase or list their work, whether it’s an art, PFP collection or a Phygital which is very recent.

From a collector to a UI designer and front-end developer, I am able to contribute my design skills to enhance the looks and improve the user journey as well as user experience. The client needed me to make sure users navigate easily through the marketplace, which is very important as the demographics show most users still are learning what Web 3.0 is and what its technologies are.


Generates WoV token if you hold a Genesis NFT card

The World of V has its own PFP collection called Genesis - a long story short, if you collect one you can generate a free token daily, the more you collect, the more token you earn. I needed to translate this easily for new users to learn what the Genesis collection is about.

As you can see I have created something visually impacting with an animation to show the generation, so the users can learn how it works.

The Genesis collection has mini and special sets where if you hold certain NFTs you can claim for bigger rewards. I built a UI element to show missing NFTs that you need to collect in order to get bigger rewards.